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  3 Fun Ways to Make Your Office Party Rock

Some people love an office party, others completely dread them. If you've noticed that your previous parties have lacked in attendance, it might be time to kick it up a notch. Here are some of our favorite ideas for turning a boring business event into a fun party.

Time of Day

It may seem convenient to host your party as soon as the work day is over. However, your guests may still feel like they are in "work" mode. Consider starting it later to give them a chance to go home and change outfits or tend to their families and take a break from the office first.


Of course it's an office party and you want to show off your business's logo everywhere, but this can make people feel like they are still at the office or being sold to. Choose decorations that have nothing to do with your business and you'll get people in a party mood much easier.


The vibe of your venue will set the tone for the event. Add small tables for people to mingle and chat around. Set up a drink bar for guests to get beverages. Hire a corporate DJ to play some music that will be appropriate yet fun for your event. You could even hire catering to keep everyone satisfied so they'll stay longer.

Book a Special Event DJ Today!

No matter what kind of office party you want to have, BoomBox2U is here to take care of you! We've got tons of ideas for making sure your party is a blast for everyone! Give us a call today to tell us more about your event, and we'll help make sure all the guests have fun!

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