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Musical Festival DJ

  3 Unique Events to Hire a DJ For

As one of Canberra's top mobile DJs, we get invited to a lot of great events. Of course there's always weddings, office parties, and birthdays going on, but sometimes we get to go to some unique events! Here are just a few of the different types of venues we've been asked to join over the years.

Musical Festival DJ

Music festivals are packed with DJs, yes, but not all of them are on stage! Frequently, there are VIP areas or lulls in the performances where we get asked to keep the party going as a musical festival DJ. These are a lot of fun and we get to meet so many other musical performers during the day!

Sporting Event DJ

Every sporting event has pre-, post-, and in-event breaks that need music! Whether it's the walk out music, a time-out filler, or post-event party, we love being the sporting event DJ that gets all the guests excited about the game!

Grand Opening DJ

Business is booming in Canberra! We've been the grand opening DJ for a variety of businesses including coffee shops, art studios, and even libraries! Whenever you want to make a party of your grand opening, give us a call and we'll make it a blast for all your new customers and clients!

Contact BoomBox2U Today!

No matter what kind of event you're planning, we'd love to hear more about it! Please give us a call or reach out online to tell us more about your event. We can give ideas for how we can help bring it to life, and provide a price quote!

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